“SCOT APPAREL is a Leading Fashion Brand in India”



SCOTT APPAREL established in 2005, the name SCOT APPAREL is now becoming almost synonymous with style creating  a leading denim brand  . scotlane jeans was launched by SANJAY  SINGH & NIRMAAL  JHATIA . The company has more than 20-22 years of experience in garment manufacturing. It is one of the largest apparels manufacturers.
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we understand the changing trends of fashion and keep on innovating new designs to fit your needs. That is why Scot apparels is world renowned for its unique and creative apparel designs. We are manufacturer of Jeans, Casuals & 3/4th Cargos.
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Scot Apparels has emerged as a leading fashion retailer reaching out to customers directly through its distributors. We are  one of the fastest growing Jeans & Casual manufacturers of India. We are now also expanding to international markets.
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Quality is never an accident but it is a continuous process. We at Scot Apparels believe in the same. We Operate a 100% quality check at the Fabric Stage, the “DNA” of a Garment, which Involves Checking Fabric for Shrinking, Dimensional Stability, Staining, Spotting & Weaving Defects.
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Scot Apparels is not just a Jeans manufacturing company but is a leading fashion statement being accepted around the world. We keep on participating in various events in India & abroad. We have made a collection of some photographs and videos for you.
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We always keep you updated about the latest happenings around. We keep on adding latest news, event details etc. for you. You can check all of them and keep yourself updated about the industry and us.
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We always believe that Customer is the King of the market. We are there to serve the king. Feel free to contact us for any details you need as a Customer, Dealer, Franchisee or in any other role.
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